Book and Author News

Book and Author News


Not too much news on the book front this month, but there are some interesting tidbits nonetheless. 

First up, I conducted an interview with self-published Science Fiction author Richard Parry over at Alternate Realms Magazine last month. Richard and I have been talking author stuff for a couple of months now. He was kind enough to add me to his ARC team list, and trust me, I was so glad he did. I loved the first book in his new series, Tyche's Journey (review), and am looking forward to reading the other two books.

The audio edition of Intersections (C.D. Watson) is now available for purchase at Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Rebecca Winder has become my go-to narrator. She's just that good. She also narrated the audio edition of Dreaming of a Dark Christmas (Lucy Varna, V.R. Cumming, Celia Roman, C.D. Watson), which is now available at Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

I'm so pleased to have the next book in the Daughters of the People Series (Lucy Varna) coming out this month. The Gathering Storm has been a long time in the making; I started writing it not long after releasing Sanctuary in August 2015. The Gathering Storm will officially be here next Friday, 26 January 2018. It's available for preorder now from Amazon.

A print edition will also be available at some point, depending on how long it takes my cover designer (L.J. Anderson, Mayhem Cover Creations) to work it into her schedule. I'm not planning on creating audio editions of stories in the Daughters of the People Series unless there's a huge demand for them down the road. 

Now, I have a special Daughters of the People project I'm hoping to begin later this year, after I finish up some other projects I'm working on (more on that in a minute). If that project pans out the way I hope it does, I will most likely find a narrator (possibly even Rebecca!) to create an audio edition. But, that's a far piece down the road at the moment.

Right now, I'm juggling a couple of writing projects, including those short stories I mentioned in my overview/goals post and the next novels in my currently running series. Now, writing is a layered process for me. It can take a while to go from idea to concrete (workable) premise to writing the first word.

For example, after finishing Alien Mine (The Pruxnae Series, Lucy Varna), I jotted down a few, spare notes on a sequel set on Earth featuring Fate Hunter, the brother of Alien Mine's female protagonist. I always envisioned the sequel as being a holiday novella that would bridge the gap between the Pruxnae Series, which will likely end with Sweet Surrender (excepting possibly some shorter stories), and a possible spinoff series that would focus on what exactly caused the Sweepers to begin pillaging after being dormant for so long. 

Back in December, I began developing Fate's story in earnest. I haven't started writing it yet and can't promise a release date, but here's a clue as to some of the content: Some of you may remember my (admittedly long ago) mention of researching dating sites. Well, this is the story I was conducting that research for. It's going to be a fun story, and should resonate with readers a little better than A Warrior's Touch, my other holiday novella in the Pruxnae Series.

In December, I also wrote a short free verse-style poem called "And Shadows We Become," inspired by a conversation with my son about rumors of the first female cosmonaut in space. "Shadows" is one of those pieces I have no idea what to do with. My first instinct was to shop it around to magazines, and I may end up doing that, but it's so odd, like 'most everything else I write, that I'm not sure if an editor will touch it with a ten foot pole (or a twenty foot one, for that matter). It's really a lovely piece, though, for all its brevity. I'll let you know what I decide to do with it down the road.

In December, I also worked on more fully developing Redemption (Daughters of the People, Book 6.5) and Sweet Surrender. The former is ready to write, and the latter nearly so, but I'm getting a little ahead of myself now.

I promised that I would post weekly progress reports as part of these updates, so here they are. My weeks run from Monday through Sunday, which works out nicely as the first day of 2018 fell on a Monday. 

Week 1: January 1 - 7

This week, I sat down and looked at the two novels I was developing (Redemption and Sweet Surrender) and decided to work on Redemption. The short story I focused on is tentatively called "Red," and yes, that's what the picture is for. I managed to write about 9,400 words this week on Redemption and "Red," somewhat short of my 15,000 word goal, but I was satisfied nonetheless. 

I also brainstormed/developed another short story (working title, "Islands"), but need to do some research and world building before I can actually write it. Again, it's a layered process.

Basketball wasn't the interruption this week. Instead, I lost a couple of days to company. On Thursday, my son came up and we ended up brainstorming on a long-term project we're both involved with. It's something to do with the Daughters of the People, but not the special project I mentioned previously. My editor also came up this week on Saturday to help me deal with firewood, which is an ongoing chore in the winter. Again, I'm satisfied with the progress made, and am waiting to hear back from my editor as to how he liked the first few scenes of Redemption.

Week 2: January 8 - 14

When my editor came up last week, he handed me his edits for The Gathering Storm, so I took this week to work on those. It usually does take about a week to finalize a novel, depending on what else is going on, like basketball. We had two games this week, then I drove to Mocksville, North Carolina, and sequestered myself in a hotel room to work on The Gathering Storm. I didn't quite get the final read-through finished, but I did get enough done that I could send out chapter teasers to newsletter subscribers.

In spite of the busy week, I managed to hammer out around 600 words on two short stories, "Red" and another, untitled short. "Red" is taking longer to complete than I had hoped. I ended up getting a little blocked on it and needed to step away from it for a while, hence working on the second short story. 

Going Forward

I'm in the middle of Week 3 now and will have a progress report during the next regular Book and Author News post. So far, I'm very satisfied with the progress made. I know the numbers look like I'm not meeting my goals, but trust me, I'm well pleased with the work.

Stay warm!

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