Welcome to Planet Vlargdon

Welcome to Planet Vlargdon

Otherwise known as (one of) the home(s) of writer C.D. Watson, sometimes accompanied by her son, a mad alien creative computer geek. 

I had an epiphany recently: I’m addicted to blogging. It began innocently enough with a genealogy blog, and expanded from there to a homeschooling blog and a “life” blog (two separate blogs), then a second genealogy blog focused on my maternal grandmother’s family. Then came blogs for my separate pen names and another blog devoted to helping other authors, and no telling how many blogs in between. By the time I dreamed up Dreaming If, I realized I might have a problem.


I have really missed the whole “life” blog thing, though. I don’t feel particularly comfortable discussing politics, for example, on my pen name and author blogs, and I’m pretty sure no one reading those wants to hear about my latest knitting woes.

Plus, I have big plans to travel in the next couple of years. Traveling is always more fun when you can foist pictures off on the unwary.


So, no telling what will be posted or how frequently, but that’s not the point. I don’t know what the point is. I do know it isn’t that.

I would say look around and sit a spell, but there’s nothing here yet. Hopefully there will be soon.



[ETA 31 January 2018: I’m slowly moving old posts from some of my other blogs here in the hopes of consolidating my writing. Some posts may therefore predate this one, but this is the first post on the Dreaming If blog and the outset of said consolidation.]

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